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FUKUOKA 3rd Batch〜Designing our New Normal 〜

3rd Batch Program Overview

3rd Batch Summary

Open Network Lab FUKUOKA (Onlab FUKUOKA) is an open innovation program that facilitates business creation for smart cities and smart life for the “new normal” in the Fukuoka area. Linking leading companies, including those based in Fukuoka, with national and international startups, Onlab FUKUOKA is involved in the co-creation of businesses geared toward the services and technology that the society needs for the “new normal.”


Increased global applicants,
a total of 64 startups from Japan and overseas applied.

The applicants include startups based in Fukuoka, as well as North America, Europe, and Asia. We also received many business ideas related to lifestyles and work styles attuned to the “new normal.”

A business hub bridging Fukuoka and the world

For the program, we proactively targeted both national and international startups intending to expand into Fukuoka and startups that are already operating business in Fukuoka. Onlab FUKUOKA acted as a business hub that bridges Fukuoka and the world.


10 Japanese startups and 1 overseas startup were accepted to the program




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