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Callinfo for sustainable startups to solve ESG issues.

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Supporting startups that aim at sustainable growth to solve ESG issues.

Onlab ESG is committed to supporting startups that address important social issues with DG group’s porpose of designing “new contexts” for a sustainable society and implementing them with technology. In addition to the entrepreneurial support over the past 10 years, we actively support and nurture the social implementation of startup businesses and services to be the first step in solving issues that must be addressed on a global and worldwide scale. We will provide a wide range of support, including funding from the Earthshot Fund, business collaboration support with major companies while leveraging the global network, knowledge and expertise of the DG Group, PR marketing support, and risk management systems ( corporate management with awareness of society and governance systems), according to the stage of the startup.


Focus on solving all issues related to ESG,
regardless of business scale or business domain

Energy saving ・ sustainability

Carbon Neutral

Promotion of diversity

Work style reform DX promotion

Ensure corporate governance


We aim to build businesses and corporate management that can grow sustainably

Fundraising support focusing
around fund investments

We will consider investment from “Open Network Lab & ESGⅠInvestment Limited Partnership” (a.k.a. Earthshot Fund) and introduce you to VC.

Business collaboration
with major companies and industry associations.

Other than supporting business plans and strategies, we also provide support for partnerships with the national government, local governments, and major corporations for new monetization.

Management and marketing support utilizing DG group assets.

In addition to support utilizing DG Group assets such as Fintech and Marketing, we also support organizational and governance development for startups.


We are always available to help you considering
your needs and business situation without a deadline


Electric micromobility
sharing service
Virtual office
without CO2
Work to solve environmental problems such as refuse
outflow into nature.
CO2 emissions visualization
service for real estate owners


We will send you the latest events information and articles regarding ESG/SDGs.