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Let the startups to solve ESG issues and to grow in a long-term

With the Digital Garage group’s purpose of Designing “New Context” for a sustainable society with technology, Onlab ESG is committed to support startups that address important social issues. In addition to the 10+ years of entrepreneurial support through DG’s accelerator programs, we actively nurture the social implementation of startup businesses and services to be the first step in solving worldwide issues. We will provide a wide range of supports, including funding from the Open Network Lab & ESG I “Earthshot Fund”, business collaboration with major enterprises while leveraging the global network, knowledge and expertise of the DG Group. We also provide management support creating company mission vision value, ESG policies , and governance structures appropriate to each startup stage.
In this time of rapid changes in society and climate, we believe that our role is not only to promote the growth of startups from a business perspective, but also to ensure that the companies we support contribute to society in a long-term basis.

Value UP

Starting your ESG management with your own pace

Onlab ESG supports ESG management to startups in various Open Network Lab programs. We help startups in developing their company mission, vision, and value, identifying materiality/ESG policies, and strengthening and improving their governance systems to support their sustainable growth. We offer a range of supports tailored to the needs and stage of each startup.

  1. ESG Management
  2. Mission Vision Value Creation
  3. B Corp Application
  4. Governance Structure Building
  5. Materiality / ESG Policy Creation


Understanding ESG and its industry trends

To understand the social and environmental challenges as well as the technologies and business models to solve such challenges, Onlab ESG has conducted ESG Startup researches and created industry maps. This provides a holistic view of ESG startups including their technologies and services offered in both Japan and overseas. Onlab ESG shares what we learned through our events and our owned media allowing even the ESG beginners to be inspired and to engage. Most recently, we have published a glossary of ESG terms that startups need to know and a series of interviews titled “Meet with ESG Startups” introducing the initiatives of leading companies.


Onlab ESG publishes articles related to the ESG startup trends and new technologies in Japanese.
We also introduce articles covering startups from an ESG perspective and case studies of the leading companies.


Open Network Lab & ESG I “Earthshot Fund”

DG Incubation Inc. has launched a fund for ESG startups, the Open Network Lab & ESG 1 Fund, so called “Earthshot Fund” in 2021. The fund’s mission is to build an innovative seed/early stage startup ecosystem through the ESG lends that will lead the next generation of Open Network Lab, and promote social implementation of “New Context” toward a sustainable society. The “Earthshot Fund” invests not only startups from the Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator program, but also in other startups outside of the program.


ESG-driven Global Network

Taking the advantages of the Digital Garage Group’s global connection to North America, Asia, and Europe, we aim to build a new ecosystem in the ESG perspective by collaborating with players active in the ESG related-industry.

With this resourceful network, we host events to share information and strengthen ESG startup ecosystem.



tokuty, Inc.

enstem Inc.

Ex-Work Inc.

AGE technologies, inc.

Tooon Inc.

Ichirou inc

eMoBi Co., Ltd.

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